Contribute to (i) implement the Territorial and Environmental Management Plan (PGTA) of the Tumucumaque Park (AP and PA) and Rio Paru d’Este (PA) ILs; and (ii) prepare PGTA for the Zo’é (PA) IL within the scope of the National Policy for Territorial and Environmental Management of Indigenous Lands (PNGATI)


Indigenous populations and communities of the IT Tumucumaque Park, Paru d’Este, and Zo’é

Territorial scope

Indigenous lands (IL) Tumucumaque Park (PA and AP), Paru d’Este River (PA) and Zo’é (PA), in the municipalities of Alenquer, Almeirim, Monte Alegre, Óbidos, and Oriximiná, in Pará, and Laranjal do Jari (AP)

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