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Monitoring & Evaluation

The Amazon Fund uses the Logical Framework tool to plan, monitor and evaluate its results.

The Logical Framework of the Amazon Fund

The Logical Framework of the Amazon Fund is aligned with the four pillars of the Prevention and Control Plan of Deforestation in the Legal Amazon (PPCDAm):

  1. promotion of sustainable productive activities;
  2. environmental monitoring and control;
  3. land-use planning, and
  4. normative and economic instruments, as well as incorporating a transversal component of scientific and technological development.

The PPCDAm is one of the main instruments of the National Policy on Climate Change and has as its main objectives to reduce deforestation and degradation of native vegetation and to preserve ecosystem services, through the promotion of a model of economic development that takes into account the conservation of biodiversity, water resources and the cultural heritage of traditional populations. This plan is reviewed periodically and is currently in its 4th. Phase (2016-2020). 

The logical framework of the Amazon Fund is a matrix in which the strategic guidance on the application of its funds is made explicit, informing expected outcomes and impacts, as well as indicators which aim to measure the results and impacts achieved, besides identifying external risks that are outside the fund’s governability. To consult the complete document of the Logical Framework of the Amazon Fund (consolidated in 2017) click here.

Click on the following image to view the Amazon Fund's logical framework (objectives tree).